Aug. 9th, 2004

girl says;

Aug. 9th, 2004 07:16 pm
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"I'm going to leave this world the way I entered it: Dirty, screaming, and torn from the woman I love!"

Those of you who talk to me while I'm watching tv know that there's two men who own my heart. Two men who could have their way with me - but they wouldn't, because they're honorable, and fake.

Homer and Bart Simpson...

I love you.

girl says;

Aug. 9th, 2004 10:22 pm
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lj things that annoy me

-Girls who only post about their boyfriends.
-People who have complete friends only journals, who say comment to be added, and then make commenting friends only. I don't know what's more annoying - The sheer impossibility of it, or the fact that every single entry in your journal is friends only - they're the only ones who CAN comment, dumbass.
-Girls who can't go two posts without mentioning their boyfriends.
-Journals that consist completely of memes.
-People who freak out over serial adders. Seriously, it's not a huge deal.
-People who think that friends only journals make them cool.
-People who have closed access friends only journals, and thinks that makes them cooler.
-Knowing people who have these journals, and not realizing why it's friends only to begin with. They live boring lives.
-People who are well known on LJ simply for the fact that they're friends with everyone. See, that's not serial adding, because, they're cool. Whatever.
-People who have a fuck fit when someone adds them to their friends list.
-Girls who think we care exactly what they're doing with their boyfriend at that second.
-People who post bad about other people on their journal and then get pissed when a flame war doesn't result because of it.
-Rating communities.
-The surprising amount of pedophiles on this site.
-People who require that you like a certain thing to be friends with them, or that you at least not dislike it. As an example of myself, believe me, I'm more than just a Kikyou hater, and my lovely relationships with people who love her shows that I'm not someone who judges other people by their anime preferences.
-People who get into an obscure show/band/anime/site/book and then only pots about that, because they think it makes them look cool.
-That people think LJ is still just the emo-kids.
-The "OMG! Guess how many drugs/people I did last night!" posts.
-Boys who only talk about their girlfriends or the girls who won't date them.
-People who post about being poor one day, and then post about all the stuff they bought the next day.
-Most mp3 rotation journals. "Comment so I know if you like the music! OMFG HOW DARE YOU REQUEST SOMETHING, I'M PUTTING WHAT I WANT. :O! GASP. Why is no one commenting? I'LL SHUT THIS BITCH DOWN."
-Colourbar Wars

Anybody got something else to add?


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