Jun. 25th, 2004

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Jun. 25th, 2004 12:03 am
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the cost of neopets

So, according to the old saying, time is money. I play Neopets everyday, and I'm going to say I play for about an hour a day. I type about 4,800 words in an hour, which is about one short story for a magazine. The two different kinds of payment from magazines I prefer are the flat rate (ie: every piece of work, no matter how long it is, gets X amount) and the by the word/page/line rate. The average flat rate is $50. The average by-the-word is .05. Therefore, in a day I'm not making 50-240 dollars a day, because I'm on Neopets.

Also, I have to pay for my internet connection to USE Neopets. My connection is 26 dollars a month. About .87 a day.

I literally had to buy a computer to play Neopets. I was on WebTV (now MSNTV I believe), and it sucks. I couldn't do any of the flash games, and a lot of things didn't work for me. My computer was 1,200 dollars. Due to improper cooling systems on laptops, that was fried. Twice. And then I got a computer for my birthday at Walmart, for 800.

I've also bought several items. From stickers, to notepads, to plushies. But, due to the fact that I can't remember how many sticker packets I've bought (I decorate things with them), and the lack of pricing information on plushies and door hangers, I'll only count in the two voice activated pets I bought.

A Scorchio and a Kacheek were about 30 bucks each.

So, in the four years I've played neopets, I've spent 1,200 on my internet connection, and I have NOT made 67,200 dollars (NOTE: This is not the exact figure. It's actually a little more than that, but for the sake of my system, the numbers are rounded a bit down) to 300,960 dollars. Plus the cost of my computers, and the toys..

1248 + 1200 + 800 + 60 + 67200 = $70,508

1248 + 1200 + 800 + 60 + 300960 = $304,268

So...I'm not sure whether I'm ranting about how much money I could have made, how much Neopets sucks for giving me crappy service when I'm losing all this money, or the fact that if I see "Neopets doesn't cost YOU anything, so SHUT UP!" I may scream...

>> (I was gonna post this at [livejournal.com profile] neopianrants but those people are insane and unstable.)

girl says;

Jun. 25th, 2004 10:42 pm
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there's no escaping me




My computer monitor is broken.



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