Apr. 15th, 2004

girl says;

Apr. 15th, 2004 02:24 pm
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ya know

It's like I always say. Drama tends to happen more around me, than to me.

My mother's friend Laura was going out with this creep named Gary. Gary moved in with her, leeched off of her, kicked her dogs outside, and she wasn't even getting any sex out of the deal!

Well, after she was evicted from her home, they stayed in a hotel, but when he left one night to go sleep with this girl, Laura woke up and saw the light.

So then she came to stay with us, and now she's in her own apartment (she got a new one). Gay called, wanting his stuff, now that he's staying with his true love, who we refer to as "Prison Girlfriend" (she went to prison for stealing her ex's van). Laura can't get ahold of him after she goes through the trouble of getting all his stuff together, so she calls his drug dealer.

Drug Dealer says that he got his hands on someone's checks, and now he's got 6,000 dollars. Laura's worried it may be her checks.

Well, they had to ditch the van, for fear of being caught, so if you're a guy with your girlfriend that you helped escape from jail, and you've just stolen 6 grand, what do you do?

Head to the car dealership to steal a car! :D



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