Mar. 14th, 2004

girl says;

Mar. 14th, 2004 05:24 am
spokenjade: (she's kissing you; wrongly_amused)
as if i wasn't weird enough...

Okay, so like...when I picture my future, I can't really give it a label...First of all, I want to live in a commune. And have a baby at eighteen. I want to write novels and save animals and grow my own food (but not necessarily kill my own cows) and not have any bugs in my home.

I want to unschool my kids, and travel around with them, while still giving them a stable location. I really do want to have someone that loves me as well, but right now with the er...lack of interest...I just can't imagine it right now. (*cries* Why don't boys like me?)

I want to cook and have my meals at a table, and start my own cafe when I get old, and watch the people that come into it.

I want to sit on the bus all day just to look at people and guess what they're doing, and then write stories about it. I want to work in retail.

I want a lot of weird things...

I don't want to go to college or even finish high school. I don't want to work some boring job from nine to five just to make sure that I can be miserable AND barely survive from paycheck to paycheck, for the years upon years upon years, until I retire and realize that I've been screwed out of my entire life.

*sighs* I know writing isn't the, I could pick. But is it so wrong to believe that I should spend my life doing what makes me happy? To quote my brother "Well, not if you want to have kids."

-__- I don't doesn't seem fair to me, you know?


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