Mar. 7th, 2004

girl says;

Mar. 7th, 2004 02:33 am
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friendship profile

If a Capricorn thinks you can't do anything for them, it may be difficult to break into their inner circle. If, however, you've managed to work your way up the corporate ladder or have something to offer, the Goat will embrace you for life. Expect yours to be a structured friendship. If you make plans, your Capricorn buddy will schedule an itinerary for you, and you had better be on time and ready to go along with the plan. At times, the Goat may seem to you more like a parent figure than a friend. They might think they have all the answers and will try to impress you with the extent of their knowledge on any subject they think will help you. If you have impeccable manners, are successful in your own right and manage to win the affections of Capricorn, you will find that you have earned an extremely devoted friend who will be kind to you no matter what happens in your life. Don't be alarmed if they test your loyalty over and over again. A Capricorn who has once had their trust betrayed, by anyone, takes a long time to heal.

girl says;

Mar. 7th, 2004 10:08 pm
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umidashita egao wa...

I love this song. I remember when I first downloaded it. o_o; I didn't even mean to. And then I listened to it and I was like..

"I belieeeeve!"

I believe kawariyuku anata demo
I believe kawarenai mono ga aru
Nakanai wa ima wa
Kanashimi ga umidashita egao wa
Hitomi no oku mune no naka tsuyoku hikaru no
Ai shiteru sore dake de
Konna ni tsuyoku naru
Ah anata ni tsutaetai koto bakari
I wanna get you
Sayonara ienai yo darlin'
Egao ga kowareru kara
Ah wakatte
Hikouki tobitatsu made

I believe kawariyuku sekai demo
I believe kawaranai mono ga aru
Mitsumenaide ima wa
Samishisa ga umidashita yasashisa
Hitomi no oku sagashite tsuyoku narenai
Ai shiteru sore dake de
Kotae ni naru no naraba
Ah nandomo tsutaetai to omotta
I wanna get you
Sayonara wa ienai yo
Egao ga kowareru kara
Ah tabi datsu anata ga mienaku naru

Sayonara wa iwanai yo darlin'
Furitsumotta kotoba wa
Ah anata ni tobitatsu hi wo

'stay in my heart' - english translation )


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