Oct. 20th, 2004

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Oct. 20th, 2004 04:55 am
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Okay...so, I'm so desperate for something to drink that I've given in and poured myself a cup of EVIL!(AKA, Pepsi) and it tastes SO GOOD. WHAT? I hate Pepsi. I feel like I've betrayed Coke..

Anyhoo, my brother's announcement of his intent to study a few different religions (with the intent of joining one) was received better than mine. Mom only had a mild breakdown, as he picked two that she actually likes. That made me happy. *rolls her eyes* I am happy for him though, even if I am mostly clueless about the Hindu religion, and I know next to nothing about Buddhism.

My own religion continues to be suppressed, but I don't mind that so much. It does add to this boxed in feeling I'm going through though...

I can't wait until Saturday when I finally get to get out of the house. And then, two weeks after that, I get to leave again for the Olive Garden trip. While that probably won't involve Rissa in a french maid outfit and a thong, I'm looking forward to it just as much. I mean...pasta. I'm getting Seafood Alfredo (then again, I almost always get that, so I'm not really surprised). I went to the site and calculated how much I'm going to have to pay (does that make me weird?) so I'm going to bring just a little bit more than I need to. I hope we get a good waiter. XD I don't really know what I'm supposed to tip. I usually do between 10-20%, depending on the service. But really, all I care about = my stuffed mushrooms get there quickly damnit.

I've finally gotten around to looking into Vietnamese culture, history, and customs and such. When I do have kids, and then adopt my Vietnamese boy, I think I should be just as prepared for that as I am for the kids I plan to have "naturally". Which means I'm probably going to be buying som books soon...

And hey, 20 years is long enough to pick some stuff up.

Speaking of which, my mother has suggested that since I want to learn to sew so much, I should take a sewing class once I get a job. Mind you, she isn't allowing me to get a job (or anything else for that matter) until I'm in college. I honestly wonder about her sometimes.

She's not very open about the living with grandma idea ("I'm your mother!") but I'm working on her. She wants all of us to move to a one bedroom apartment.

She's absolutely nuts...Does it not make more sense for her and Josh to go, and for me to stay with my grandmother? It's not as if we haven't already had that arrangement. And it worked out perfectly. I would still be there if my Aunt Kim hadn't moved in. But now that I'm moving back in, she's trying to get out. Bwahaha.

I'm also needing to look into where in Texas I can expect to buy the land for my house, and when to schedule my trip to New Mexico. I need to do that before I build the house, since that's where I'm going to be learning some of the techniques, but I don't know if I'll be able to go there soon enough. College complicates everything. Why can't I just marry a guy who works? Then I could stay at home, and take care of the kids, and he could do all of the work, and I wouldn't have to worry. *sigh* Oh, that's right. Because apparently I have to wait until I'm thirty to do that. Have I mentioned lately that I hate being sixteen?

Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about taxes yet. I still haven't even figured out how one goes about those. My mother does ours, but she doesn't have time to tell me what the hell she's actually doing. Gah...Thank goodness for Google.

SPEAKING OF WHICH~! Google Desktop Thingy = Makes Me Happy. Now, all I need is a Google theme for Windows XP and my soul belongs to them. XD Seriously...a Google Winamp skin, a Google screensaver...a nice little Google logon screen..XD Icons...Hmm. When do you think Google will come out with its own browser?

I'm going to finish my yummy-yummy! horrible (really!) Pepsi and try and get to sleep before six. I keep missing the beginning of General Hospital. >


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