Jun. 4th, 2004

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Jun. 4th, 2004 09:27 pm
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a-kon: day one

Well, I think I was only there for an hour. >>

After spending the past six months trying to convince my mother not to go, I ended up begging her to come, which she did.

Upon walking in, I IMMEDIATELY spot Pika, who didn't recognize me. XD She's all, "OMG! JASMINE?!" XD; *was amused*

I got to be Jasmine White AND Sarah Carpenter claiming the tickets and such. ><

Someone asked for my picture right away, which made me happy. XDD;;

Almost right away, Mom and I head into the dealer room. Mom is fascinated by all the costumes, and fell in love with a Rinoa cosplayer ("She's so pretty~!)

My first purchase? *cough* A pentacle..BUT IT'S SO PERTY~ And my old one is all icky, so it was a good buy. Unless you count the box of strawberry pocky I bought for 1.50 :D;; And a yin/yang coin...but it's cute! Then I spend like, ten freaking dollars on this bunny thing for her...and then..*cries* I bought an Inu-Yasha plushie for 12.96, which I then LOST somewhere between leaving the convention adn walking all over downtown Dallas looking for our parking space.

I had a squealing fit when I saw the CUTEST Rin cosplayer, and like, cornered her in, and took her picture. XD;

I've bought everything I wanted, and begin to leave the dealer room. And then I see it.


*cough* So I bought a bottle and Mom bought a can of Milk Coffee, which she fell in love with.

Then we had the brilliant idea to ask about the concert.


Well. We find out the Do As Infinity one starts at midnight (meaning, that at the time of this report, it hadn't been performed yet). So we're like, "We'll just come back at 8-ish." because it's not even 1 PM yet, and we can watch General Hospital.

Well, by time we managed to get to our car (complete with me flashing traffic when I yanked my petticoat off) we were in a horrible mood, sweaty, and having a heat stroke.

When I got home, and found out I'd lost my Inu-Yasha plushie, I began to cry so hard my throat went raw and I also started to hyperventilate. :D My mother, being the insensitive bitch she is, says "You know who's fault that is, right?"


So, basically, my general mood is, I don't want to go back to a loud, sweaty, crowded and incredibly freaking hot building until tomorrow.

So, we skipped the DAI concert, and decided to go to the Q&A tomorrow, and catch Psycho le Cemu's concert tomorrow.

Funniest Moment: Opening an Inu-Yasha cosplayer's cup of ramen in the girl's bathroom because her youkai claws were keeping her from getting to it.

Depressing Moment: When I found out I lost my plushie! ;__;

Random Moment: Mom swiping a Ramune bottle from the floor while people stared because she thought it looked cool.

Stalker Moment: Literally running after a Kagura cosplayer about to leave (complete with kitty backpack!) for a picture, and then left too, and ended up trailing after her for like a block. "I SWEAR I'm not stalking you!"

Coolest People: This guy who A) ran up to the "Pocky for Yaoi!" sign and complimented it, and then moved over with another guy...Yaoi Boy is holding a sign that says "Take my picture! It's free!" and the guy next to him is holding a sign that says, "Take his picture!"

Total Steps: 7,428

Total Cash Spent: Lost track. Upwards of 30 dollars.

So...tomorrow. -___-

girl says;

Jun. 4th, 2004 09:56 pm
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oh, and btw

YAY @ ABC for showing the stuff about the Breastfeeding Campaign and the Evil Formula Companies. :DD Even my mother is convinced now. ("Though, I still wouldn't have breastfed y'all, that's gross.")


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