May. 23rd, 2004

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May. 23rd, 2004 08:14 am
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when i was a baby..

I was a c-section baby, so my mother didn't see me for awhile after I was born. My Aunt Karen saw me before her, and came down and told my mother that I had "a full head of beautiful curly hair". My mother pictured frizz. It was not. It was beauty!

I had cloth diapers for a long while, because I was having bad reactions to the disposables. This of course, caused the older generation to constantly stop my mother when she was out with me, comment on what a beautiful baby I was, and what a good mother she was for using cloth diapers.

My grandmother spoiled me with tons of toys and clothes, and Uncle Bobby's wife at the time, Karen (he dates women who have his sister's names...weird?) gave my mother my older cousin's clothes. So, since they're "rich" I was looking nice. I laughed, because the clothes she dressed me in then (frilly and ruffled, down to the panties) are the kind of clothes I like now.

I asked my mother to tell me about "when I was a baby!" again. We were all snuggled up, and trying to get to sleep, but I opened my eyes and started looking around the room, and that made her laugh.

"What's so funny?
"Something's funny, you're laughing."
"It's just, when you were a baby, you'd do that! Just when I thought I had you to sleep, you'd open those eyes. So I'd pick you up and put you in your swing, and you'd go back and forth, singing 'Eeeeeeeee. Eeeeeeee. Eeeee.' until you sang yourself to sleep."

XD Which led to more stories, like how when she brought me home I was turning over and lifting my head up, and propping myself up, and how I started crawling early, and how I was talking in full sentences at two (she refers to that with not so much enthusiasm...) and such.

I rarely cried. :D I was a good baby. And I was damned cute. Unlike my whiny, flaky, scaly, slightly reptilian brother.


I win.

Anyway. "But whatever you did, don't bring five year old Jasmine to the McDonald's playground! There's all these kids she doesn't know...she'll take her shoes off...'YOU! Sit here. And you! Here! You three, sit by him! Now, everyone sing with me! NO! Not that song!' You were so bossy!"

">> I was not 'bossy', I was displaying leadership qualities."



"And you were so conceited! The thing of the times when you were growing up was all about self esteem, so I was constantly telling you how smart you were and how beautiful you were-"

"You should do that some more."

"-And you got so full of yourself. People would always go 'You're so pretty!' or 'You're so smart!' and you'd go 'I know.' Oh, that was so RUDE!"

It's weird though, because my mom was telling me all this stuff, and a lot of it is still true. I still suck on the back of my hand, I still sing ALL THE TIME, I still LOVE being in a swing (I think it's some obsessive thing. I love the back and forth motions! So I'm always doing that, like when I'm laying down, trying to get to sleep, I'll rock back and forth. XD) and I'm still adorable as hell. XD

Ee...I need to find some baby pictures. ;-;


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