Feb. 29th, 2004

girl says;

Feb. 29th, 2004 01:55 am
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here we go again

things on my mind

-okay, if you make me watch a bloody/gory/depressing/scary movie, you're going to have to deal with me clinging to you throughout the movie, and quite possible for WEEKS after the movie. Damnit, just let me watch the romantic comedy if you don't want to put up with that.

-okay, just because there's a particular fashion style I like, that doesn't make me a bad person.

-my chinchilla haslearned how to climb up the side of his cage.

-"Never Could Have Been Worse" = best song EVER. <333 Trigun.

-i can't sing on keey. don't ask me to.

-yes, those ARE my boobs. if i've played the trick on you already, get overit.

-i love daria

-why does my wrist hurt so bad? this isn't normal. i hope nothing is wrong.

-if you engage me in a debate (debate: you having an opinion that directly conflicts with mine, and you choose to express this opinion. repeatedly.) at two AM, if my arguments aren't as great as they could be, then, A-You're a fucking idiots, and B-you were obviously looking for an argument. Try when I'm NOT about to pass out.

-my tarot cards aren't going to tell you whether or not you should go to billy house or sally's. make up your own damned mind about it, but leave me alone.

-i want a baby damnit.

-is it scary that my mother has finally realized how passionate i am about the baby thing, and that she's looking into how i can train to be a midwife?

-i don't feel like using capital letters when it hurts to type. i do so hope you can deal with that.

-i love my hair. even if it does take hours to get it done.

-i don't get this whole 'Oh no! I just said I'm pro-choice and this guy I like is anti-choice!' or whatever shit. okay, first of all, if you won't like you because of your opinion, damnit move on. second of all, the guys i know don't want a girl that blindly agrees with everything they say, even if that's not what they believe. and the ones that do are slimy assholes. -__- personally, i like it when a guy has an opinion that's different from mine. or at least, if that's really his opinion. but the guys that go "Eh, whatever you think is fine, and I'll believe that!"...>> weaklings.

you shouldn't believe in something just because someone else does, got it?

-that being said, i shouldn't be giving out relationship advice, seeing as...ooh, look..I'M NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. *cries*

-i'm seriously considering stalking some people online for the sole purpose of hitting them very hard with my purse of doom.

-i want to run away from here so bad.

-Jordan Catalano

-i wish people would send me messages more often. it pisses me off when someone i IM everyday, if not more, says that they feel like no one wants to talk to them. if i didn't want to talk to you, i wouldn't IM you. how do you think *i* feel?

-baby. ;_;

-my mother submitted an application for me to Six Flags. hmm.

-i want that job so bad.

-i'm possibly going to be going to new york soon. the thought scares me.

-my biggest pet peeve is still being told i said or did something that i didn't.

-my mother is good at setting that off. "So then Jasmine said "Mom, I want to tell her!" and I-" "DAMNIT BITCH. >> I saaaiiiid, "No Mom, don't hang up!" get your stupid story straight."

-upchuck. ehehe. <333 Daria.

-i've met two new cool people in the past twenty-four hours. cool.

-eh. sleep?


girl says;

Feb. 29th, 2004 06:27 am
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i need sleep.

girl says;

Feb. 29th, 2004 09:48 pm
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bring me down?

You know what?

I can't even think of how I want to say this.

I have several friends whose opinions directly conflict with mine. I'm friends with anti-choice people, I'm friends with Christians, I'm friends with homophobics, and I'm friends with people that hate Americans.

That means, that sometimes you're going to say something I don't agree with.

And, if you don't want me to say something about it..


Otherwise, quit being a fucking baby and blowing things out of proportion.

That is all.


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