Feb. 18th, 2004

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Feb. 18th, 2004 06:04 pm
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without a soul

I need to quit making new story ideas. ;_;

I'm working on Chapter Two of The Jungle Gym Affair (or three, depending on how you look at it) and I'm suddenly finding myself back at two paged chapters. Rawr! I was so proud of myself for that eight paged thing I did for Chapter One too. ;_;

In other news, I'm applying for a job at Six Flags...somewhere where it's air conditioned..>>; *wants to work in the stores* Mom wants me to work at wardrobe. XD "That way you'll know everyone that works there, but you don't have to deal with things happening in the park."

My mother worked there when she was a teen. It's scary that I might be carrying on some tradition.

As everyone already knows by now, I'm saving the money in three ways. XD Part of it is going up to buying a new laptop, part of it goes into the "Birth Center Fund" for the money I need for a midwife, and the rest is free spending (though, because I lower the amount of money I'm actually getting and saving when I budget, I'll have money left over, and that goes for other random needs in the future like rent, and cloth diapers >>)

The baby blanket I'm knitting is coming along...slowly...I work on it when I'm not reading/writing/typing, so my hands are constantly busy! They're getting angry...and tired.

So I should probably quit typing now because I lost myself a while ago..
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