Jan. 4th, 2004

girl says;

Jan. 4th, 2004 12:32 am
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Okay, last night, I'm laying in bed, and I get woken up my theese huuuuge cramps in both of my legs, and I started screaming for all hell for someone to help me.

It stopped for like, a second, and went right back in my left leg, and it hurt more than hell. Again, I was screaming and screaming. I was louder than the women on tv when they give birth.

No one came.

So, I drag myself, literally, down the stairs with my damned leg trying to kill me the whole way, and make it into my mother's room.

>> "I didn't hear you."


But, she cleared off a space and made the cat move so I could sleep with her. X3 I woke up at like, midnight, and, here I am! And it's starting again. >>;;;;;;

girl says;

Jan. 4th, 2004 08:07 am
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yeah, i'm never getting a boyfriend

I'm so damned tired. My leg is in incredible pain, I'm hungry - with a craving for cheesy tuna helper and bananas (though, maybe not at the same time) - and my mother would rather watch electronic shows than listen to me, or even bother to care. It's just me, and my music.


God I feel so damned alone.

girl says;

Jan. 4th, 2004 10:45 am
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I just saw an Inu-Yasha cosplayer TWICE on MTV (even though it might have been the same person) and so I'm happy now. I'ma take a nap and stuff. I'm giddy even if I am BOYFRIENDLESS. >>

I should quit obsessing (the question is - over Inu-Yasha, or over my insane ...craving... for a boyfriend? >> Hmm..)

girl says;

Jan. 4th, 2004 10:00 pm
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and here's the mistake

I hit her back.


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