Jan. 3rd, 2004

girl says;

Jan. 3rd, 2004 06:14 am
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the inu-stalker

At A-kon, I want to like..get a picture with every Inu-Yasha cosplayer, and get them to sign a book or something. X3; Maybe get their screen names and crap, and stalk them forever.

Is that so wrong?

girl says;

Jan. 3rd, 2004 11:07 am
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Okay...so some random person IMs me and forces me to register at the A-kon boards.

Me: o_o;;...uh..okay?

And then they disappear.

Frankly, I am scared. Very scared.

Though it's better than the time Ria signed me up for the Mascara boards..or was it the Dizzy forums? I don't know. I DIDN'T WANT ANYWHERE NEAR THOSE FREAKS DAMNIT.

I'll just do like I did last time, and make no posts and hope they're happy. X3

girl says;

Jan. 3rd, 2004 11:10 am
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and oh!

Speaking of A-kon~! For those of you following my costume drama, I've e-mailed Eleanor from EL about the shirt and skirt lace colour differences, and she says the skirt lace is a little lighter than the shirt lace, but the cream undersleave would make it 'not work' and so she could leave it off for me. :D Yay!

Mom has gone to Torrid and she's returning the kitty shoes. :D If she sees the choker I want, she's been instructed to buy! :D

My total order at Exquisite Lass comes up to like, 136 bucks ('cause I'm ordering the petticoat too). I'm still torn on whether I should get a black one, a creme one, a white one, or an off-white one. Rawr, ya know? XDD;;

But for those of you who don't know, I've got two costumes going - a country lolita outfit, and an egl outfit. The country lolita one is basically me taking a dress I have and..touching it up. X3; I think I could easily add an apron and a petticoat and be set! XD; So, with my money stuff, I'm going through and trying to get what I need now before I spend it all. I've totally given up on saving the money I have now for A-kon. Totally. :D I'll just grab some money from Mom since she'll actually be getting her paycheck right before it happens. X3;

Because we all know I'm blowing my money on pocky and jewelry.


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